Park Hae Jin and Zhang Liang (Sean) are close friends!


Park Hae Jin recently went to China to film a popular variety show ‘Happy Camp’. To fans surprise, Park Hae Jin and Zhang Liang (Sean, one of the participant in ‘Dad where are you going’ China version) are close friends. ZhangLiang studio first posted a weibo saying “Long legged Park Hae Jin from ‘My Love from the Star’ told He Jiong(MC) that he is close friends with long legged Zhang Liang from ‘Dad where are you going’?” He also mentioned Park Hae Jin in the post and asked “Oppa is this real??” and “Sean, tell us if it’s true??”.

Turns out, it is indeed true! Park Hae Jin reposted the above post on weibo and wrote “Of course, of course”. Sean also replied to Park Hae Jin’s post and said “Faster come to Beijing, I have Peking duck ready! I have recovered from my cold, please don’t worry”.

Park Hae Jin responded to Sean’s invite saying “I’m so sleepy.. I want to eat Peking Duck so badly. I will go to Beijing as soon as possible”.


Source : StarHallyu
Photo Credit : ZhangLiang Studio


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