The Future of Girls’ Generation : Expiring Contract, Group or Solo?


With the expiring contract with SM Entertainment, the future of Girls’ Generation has became a hot topic. Recently celebrated their 7th anniversary, will SNSD members continue their contracts with SM ENT, or will they move to another agency?

Originally, SNSD’s contract with SM Entertainment should be until 2020, however their contract was changed to 2014 after Han Geng’s lawsuit with SM. This also means that Girls’ Generation’s contract may have ended. (The exact dates would differ among different members)

Related SM staffs expressed that “It’s true that their contract is nearing expiry, whether or not to continue the contract will be up to individual members, the company does not interfere with their decision”.

Ever since the start of this year, the dating news of Girls’ Generation members have kept emerging, leaving many fans to speculate that the agency is exposing all since their contract is expiring. There are also comments from fans such as “SM is trying to make the group less popular now” and “They are destroying SNSD”.

Earlier this month, SM also debuted a new girl group Red Velvet, could SM already planning to bring up a new group to replace the potential loss from SNSD?

Currently, there are news of sub-group TTS(Tiffany-Taeyeon-Seohyun) making a comeback in September, Yoona and Soo Young casted in dramas, Yuri in movie. Sunny is currently involved in musical ‘Singing In the Rain’ and Jessica was filming her reality show with Krystal. Every signs point to more individual developments of the members.

Each members may want to focus and develop in different areas in the entertainment scene, thus making group activities harder to happen in the future.

And of course, one issue that all fans should take note of is the fact that all members are matured and grown up now. Even if all 9 members decide to sign up with SM and stay as a group, it will be harder for them to call themselves Girls’ Generation as time goes by.

Talking about re-contract, if SM were to sign on all 9 members, it will have to pay a huge amount to money since SNSD is THE group and they are all top stars now. There will also be many competing agencies which offer high prices to an individual member.

On the bright side, with the examples of ShinHwa and GOD, it’s possible for a group to continue even if they have left their previous agency or are in different agencies. However, the copyright of the name Girls’ Generation still belongs to SM Entertainment.

However, boy group SS501 left DSP after the expiration of their contract back in 2010, the members went solo and have yet to reunite after 4 years. Popular girl group Kara recruited new members after Nicole and Ji Young left the agency.

What would be the future for Girls’ Generation? We are looking forward to hear your opinions.

Source : StarHallyu


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